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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Grilled Cheese by Candlelight

Yes, even the humble grilled cheese can be romantic.  We have been eating out a lot lately - all through our Minnesota vacation and since we've been home I've cooked very little.  We've had a lot of cold cereal suppers and lunches out.  Tonight, the refrigerator being nearly empty, we had grilled cheese.  But, this wasn't any grilled cheese.  This was romantic grilled cheese!

Step 1:  Make a pretty green salad - include fresh basil if you've got it because nothing tastes more like summer than fresh basil!
Step 2:  Pick more fresh basil - it's going on the sandwich.
Step 3:  Pour some marinara into a container to nuke.
Step 4:  Set the table with cloth napkins and candles.
Step 5:  Make two cheese sandwiches with basil leaves (I used Swiss cheese).  Lightly grill one side, then flip.  While the second side is getting toasty gold, lay another slice of cheese on top of the lightly grilled slice and top with another slice of bread (if this is getting to be too many calories for you, use light bread).  Once the bottom is perfection, gently flip the whole thing over to melt that last slice of cheese and toast the top piece.
Step 6:  Light the candles and nuke the marinara.
Step 7: Start the music (Bruce chose Josh Groban) and cut each sandwich in quarters.  Arrange around a small dish of marinara.  Garnish with a couple more basil leaves. Serve with a smile.

Dessert was a truly yum 100 calorie Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle ice cream bar - so worthy of candle light. Simple, satisfying, sweetly romantic.  Ahhh.

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