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Saturday, November 7, 2009


Tonight is my launch party. I'm excited and, truth be told, a bit nervous. Almost everyone we invited is coming. Because No Penalty for Love is a hockey-themed romance, the party is at the local ice park during a college hockey game. I believe for most of my guests it will be their first game.

What fun it has been planning all this! I think I started brainstorming ideas for the party the same week I heard from Chelsea that Avalon wanted my book. It's been just over a year in the making, so it ought to be good.

My book signing at Borders is still on for next weekend, though there were some snags in getting copies of the book. Snags I do not understand at all. But, I guess things are bound to happen that way sometimes. I'm thinking of asking Victoria's Secret let me do a signing there near Valentine's Day. (For those of you who've read the book, that will probably make sense to you.)

It's November now which is my second-favorite month. It always puts me in mind of Robert Frost's poem, My November Guest - My sorrow, when she's here with me thinks these dark days of autumn rain are beautiful as days can be. . . However, I think it's supposed to be 72° today and I'm going shopping for a new outfit for upcoming Christmas parties. Funny to think about Christmas on a 72° day.

This past year has been really a great one for me. I didn't know how different life would be when I turned 40 and if I had guessed it I wouldn't have dreamed of all that has happened. Besides the book, I lost 38 pounds. Since turning 41 I've lost 14 more for a grand total of 52 and am at a normal weight and BMI for my height for probably the first time in my entire life - seriously. I wonder what new and wonderful things the next year will bring? I should write a memoir.

I keep hoping to hear soon about my second submission to Avalon. I've got another started, but keep stalling out. This was parent-teacher conference week which required late nights at school. With the holidays coming it gets more and more difficult. But, I'm determined.

Meanwhile, since it's still early November, I have the opportunity to relish the season. Romance is all around this time of year!

How about:
1. Pumpkin Butter on toast for breakfast
2. Watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles
3. Don't forget A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
4. Light your pumpkin spice scented candle every evening once you're home to stay
5. Crunch through the leaves before you mulch them
6. Read Robert Frost (how often has he shown up on my Romantic Things To Do lists so far?)
7. Buy a new pair of soft gloves (no leather, suede or fur, please!)
8. Go to an art gallery or, if your town has one, attend a Friday night art walk
9. Try dinner at a quiet restaurant if you can find one
10. Go see something live on stage - The Importance of Being Earnest is my favorite one to watch for. If you live in a college town someone's bound to be doing it.

And, because November and December bleed together as far as holidays go - grab your tickets now to some wonderful, not-to-be-missed Christmas event. Around here that would be the Missouri State University Elizabethan Dinners!


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