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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Old Traditions Die Hard

This year my traditionally traditional approach to the holidays is succumbing to a mid-life shift in style.  I'm paring down.  Back when it was time to decorate for fall, I had a nearly panicked feeling about cluttering up my house, ruining the simple lines and clean, flat surfaces; I didn't want to feel surrounded by stuff.  I quite liked what I ended up with, but I have to admit, it was a far cry from my usual and it pained me a bit to put pieces I have always had out in the past back into their storage bins for that season.  Funny how it didn't occur to me then that I might face the same dilemma come Christmas.

Sure as shooting, though, when Thanksgiving came and went and we hauled up the holly from the basement, I found myself setting aside trinket after bauble after do-dad and settling on the simple again.  I'm very pleased with how it all looks, but in the back of my mind, that bit of guilt nibbled away at me:  Someone made this for me.  I've had this out at Christmas for fourteen years.  I remember the day we got that.  You know the routine.

More than special foods, more than miscellany, more than what was so important yesterday, I want to celebrate the moments I've been given to live my faith, to love my Lord, to sing, to choose, to lighten someone else's load, to cry when it is right to, and to focus on the joy of the season with family and friend - to celebrate.  

Merry Christmas.

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