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Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome to Joe's - Again!

God sure likes to pull a cherry out of the bag now and then!  Talk about your unexpected delights!  I had word today that Stained Glass Theatre wants to open their 2011-2012 theatre season with a reprise of my first play, Welcome to Joe's. 

It's been something like seven years since it was first produced and I can still feel the thrill of it.  I was so humbled by all the wonderful words people had to say about it and for years after I would hear things randomly from strangers at the next table in a restaurant or through someone who knew someone or from someone who had been loaned a copy of the dvd afterward.  I was awestruck then that God could do such a thing and humbled that he'd chosen to allow me to be a part of it.  Again, I have to say I'm completely humbled at the opportunity to do it again!

Just when you think something's over or you're worried that you'll never taste what you deem success again, God steps in and says, "Hey, chin up!  I'm not finished with you yet." 

For those of you who did not see Joe's in its first run, it's a romance (of course) with an evangelical message.  The original cast was phenomenal and all of the direction and staging were stellar.  I'm sure that the director this time, Tom Young who directed my second play, Related Spaces, a few years ago, will be terrific. 

Thanks, SGT, for giving me this great pleasure again!  I'm quite happy!

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