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Monday, July 12, 2010

That Must Be Some Good Ice Cream

Black walnut ice cream.  My favorite.  A couple years ago I bought Bruce a little book about unique places in Missouri.  It's got listings of restaurants and things.  Last summer he drove me to Stockton, Missouri just to get some black walnut ice cream from Hammons Emporium.  It was worth the hour drive.  So much so that today we did it again.  It was better than I remembered.

On the way home we drove through Greenfield just to see what it was like, circled the square and noticed the old Opera house.  We detoured in Ash Grove to see the site of our wedding 12 years ago.  A one-time bed and breakfast that is now someone's very cute loft apartment.

I realize gas is expensive and I realize it's not a good thing to be mindlessly contributing pollutants to the atmosphere; but, may I recommend a good old fashioned Sunday drive any day of the week you can manage one?  Second to a picnic, the Sunday drive is simple romance at its finest.

When Lucas was younger and we were first married, we tried to do family dates.  That meant fun, but on the cheap.  One of the things we used to have fun doing was a driving scavenger hunt.  We'd make a list of several things we had to find, then get into the car and the first one to spot it got a point.  Whichever of the three of us spotted the most got to choose which McDonalds in town we'd go to for McFlurries.  I don't really remember too many of the things that made our lists, but I do know that some of the easier finds around Springfield were:  "overweight man without a shirt mowing the yard"; "car with one headlight"; and "kid on a skateboard".

Romance is where you create it; the loving feelings it generates benefit the whole family.  Sunday drive.  Picnic.  Scavenger Hunt.  Dollar Dates.  So many ways to spend time together and love each other.

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