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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shame on Me!

I'm so ashamed of how I've neglected my blog!  Do you see the date on the last post?  However, if you go back to the archives you'll see that somewhere around the time school started I predicted this would happen.  Not with the blogging so much, but with writing period.  I know me.

For those of you who haven't heard the wonderful, wonderful news yet which every single time I think of it I smile. . . I got a new job!  I'm still going to be working in the school library, but (and it's a BIG BUT) it will be a high school libray!  Not just any high school library, but my own alma mater's library.  I'm so, so excited about it.  I just can't help but think this will make a world of difference to my emotional and mental states - energy level's just got to go up in those places!  I know, you're thinking how can a school librarian job in the elementary be so draining anyway?  Let me just say, you have to be there to understand.  I never would have supposed.  Not that I expect my new spot to be a cake walk, but just being back among the high school students with their energy and excitement and all their adolescent "stuff" - the football games, the band practices sounding out across the campus in the morning when I arrive to work, seeing my students really shine in things like drama and choir and speech and all those things.  It's a world unto itself and I've missed it!  I'm going home!

So, my mind has been occupied - previously wondering what if anything would be posted, then agonizing through the two weeks it had to stay posted, waiting for the interview, waiting to hear - and now just trying to stay focused on the present because there are, after all, ten weeks of school left until summer. 

In the meantime, I did speak with the new editor at Avalon and she assured me that my latest manuscript (oh, when will there be another one?) is still "very much on the radar" but that they are running six to nine months behind!  So, the waiting goes on.

Tomorrow I'm going to hear someone from Dusty Feet speak.  My cousin Courtney emailed me about it.  When I went to the organization's website, I saw a name and face I knew that I knew.  Nate Kaunley.  He is, as I thought I remembered, a graduate of the first high school where I taught.  Anyway, I'm anxious to hear about the organization.  You can visit the site at or, if you're in Springfield, come to Q on Commercial Street tomorrow (Sunday, March 28th) at 1:00. 

I vow to try to blog more often.  I vow to try to make better use of time and write more.  I vow to return to the roots of the Life as a Great Romance blog and offer some great springtime suggestions for living the romantic life.  Spring, after all, is the season for love.

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Shoe Queen said...

It was so great to be in church with you on Sunday. SO glad we're related! :)